Clinic works:

I-V 7:30 - 20:00 h.

VI 8:00 - 13:00 h.


Patients are registered by phones:
377771 and 869708888


ISO sertifikatas

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Public Institution Kaunas Silainiai outpatient clinic was established in 1997 after restructuring and stand apart from Kaunas Clinical Hospital No.2. Outpatient clinic serves more than 70.000 patients and has two remote units - Aleksotas primary health care clinic and Romainiai dispensary.
Outpatient clinic provides primary (family doctors, pediatricians, internists, etc..) and secondary (physicians specialists – consultants and diagnostic) personal health care services.
Spine and joints diseases, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation center operates at Kaunas Silainiai outpatient clinic, where comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services are provided to patients with spinal and joint diseases:

  • Rheumatologist, surgeon, neurologist, rehabilitators, radiology consultations.

  • Diagnostic tests:

    • Spinal and joint analysis by magnetic resonance imaging aparatus

    • Joint ultrasonography

    • Ultrasonic leg vein test

    • Bone mineral density test (osteoporosis diagnosis)

  • Outpatient rehabilitation and treatment by water (hydrotherapy):

    • Therapeutic exercise pool

    • Vertical spinal stretch

    • Underwater massage

    • Therapeutic underwater massage bath

Physicians’ specialists – consultants have a possibility to examine patients with modern diagnostic X-ray, ultrasonic and endoscope devices, digital X-ray scanning equipment, computerized cardiologic, respiratory function examination equipment, an audiometer, and modern eyesight testing equipment as well as computer-aided perimetry, tonometry, autorefractometry apparatuses and other devices.
Nursing and social services are provided not only at the clinic, but also at patient's home.
The Outpatient Clinic organizes its works so that patients are examined and consulted within the institution, not being sent to other institution for additional tests, but directed to tertiary level hospitals only for complex examinations, consultations or in-patient treatment.
Kaunas Silainiai Outpatient Clinic has received the Quality Management system Certificate in accordance with the new LST EN ISO 9001:2008 standard on January 29th, 2009. In accordance with TUV CERT Certificate certifies procedure that clinic has established and applies a quality management system for:

  • Primary healthcare, psychical healthcare, odontology

  • Doctors specialists consultations, diagnostics and analyses

  • Prevention of diseases, rehabilitation, nursing and social services.

We improve admission of patients and medical services planning considering to the quality standard requirements of the European Union.
Kaunas Silainiai outpatient clinic is known for innovative solutions to optimize family doctors work, set up a home help service, development of specialized dental workshops and others. Staff - motivated, actively involved not only in trade but also in additional training programs, law, psychology, conflict management, management issues.
Our mission - to meet patient needs and expectations by providing affordable, secure, high quality, qualified, effective personal ambulatory health care services, the rational use of financial, personnel, technology and facilities resources.
Our vision - a modern ambulatory care center, constantly improving healthcare service quality (fitness) and the availability of effective introduction of new medical technologies, presenting the skills of workers, improving the working environment to ensure EU health systems, the Ministry of Health and compliance with the requirements expansion of patient choice rights, health equity relationships.



Adresas: Baltų pr. 7, LT 48259 Kaunas
tel. 377771, mob. 869708888, Faks. 8-37 301601

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